There has probably never been a time in our lives when we’ve depended on our homes more than we do today.


During the un-imaginable realities of today, our homes have become everything to us: our children’s classrooms, our offices, our movie theatres and our gyms.


That has made us more intimately aware of what matters most to us and what we need and want from our homes. Lately, more than ever, people have been asking themselves if they have enough indoor and outdoor space, or enough room to work from home.


If they don’t, they are turning to the real estate market in search of a home that fits the needs of their new reality.


The real estate industry is setting a blistering pace right now. Data, at the national level, only tells part of the story as home prices vary widely across metropolitan areas. National and regional markets are experiencing an unprecedented price appreciation. Fueled by record-low interest rates, access to capital, a huge increase in home equity and, of course, the remarkable changes in how we view homes, we end up with the perfect storm.


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