Samantha Yousif

Accountant and Sales Partner*

About Samantha


Samantha holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University, with academic training in accounting, finance and economics. Samantha’s financial background has provided her with the vital experience of real estate transactions, closing deals and how to manage these numbers. These valuable skills along with her eye for detail are used daily in real estate transactions as well as educating home buyers and sellers.


Prior to entering the real estate field, Samantha worked as an accountant and mortgage administrator; this experience not only inspired her to pursue her passion for real estate, but it enabled her to understand the big picture of the full cycle of a real estate transaction.

When it comes to Toronto real estate and that of surrounding areas, Samantha is inspired by the city’s growth and development. Samantha says, “I am certain that the city of Toronto will continue to lead Canadian cities in terms of development and investment. Toronto is a city with endless opportunity and an abundance of neighborhoods, suited for every individual buyer.”


Samantha believes in honesty and integrity when it comes to dealing with clients. She says, “To create something of value, you must first lead with honesty and integrity. Integrity in business enhances your reputation, which creates a solid foundation to do great business together.”


Outside of real estate, Samantha maintains an active lifestyle and loves spending quality time with her puppy, Ozzy!

To contact Samantha, please call 905.916.9400 or email [email protected]

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