ABOUT Port Credit


Port Credit's theme varies from a small village like city to a snug town by the beach. Port Credit's boundaries are the Queen Elizabeth Way to the north, Cawthra Road to the east, Credit River Flats to the west and Lake Ontario to the south.

Schools in Port Credit

Elementary schools in the Port Credit area include Riverside, Kenollie, Mineola, Forest Avenue and St. Dominic Elementary School. The sole middle school in the area, Queen Elizabeth Middle School lies in the north while the sole high school, Port Credit Secondary School, is in the heart of the area.

The Port Credit Family of Schools offers some of the best schools in Mississauga. 

Public Transportation

Port Credit GO Station is a train and bus station that serves as the origin, destination or transfer point for trips surrounding the Port Credit area. Similarly, commuting through the use of public buses is a simple and effective way of getting around.


Port Credit is known for its close proximity to Lake Ontario. The most significant scenic regions bordering the lake are the Credit Village Marina, Port Credit Harbour Marina and the Mississauga Sailing Club. Similarly, several parks including St. Lawrence Park, Tall Oak Park, Hiawatha Park and McMillan Park, all border Lake Ontario. Credit River runs directly in between Port Credit and Lorne Park and borders Kenollie Creek.

Things to do in Port Credit

The Port Credit Arena offers a large skating rink where residents of all age groups can play hockey or simply leisurely skate. Neighbouring the Arena are the Don Rowing Club and Canoe Club which involves venturing into the outdoors with an intimate group and braving the waters, as well as relaxed indoor activities. Similarly, one can find numerous clubs and parks that involve sailing, yachting, fishing and even pleasant lake cruises.


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