ABOUT Mineola


Mineola is currently the hottest destination for wealthy families in Mississauga. A relatively old neighbourhood dating back to around 1940-1960. A very exclusive community ensures privacy and peace. Mineola is tucked in a forested area near the river, in an enclave-like fashion. Mineola is located south of the QEW and north of Port Credit with Lake Ontario at the border.

Schools in Mineola

Although Mineola's infrastructure seems to support that of adults, few schools are spread about the local area. Kenollie, Mineola and St. Dominic Elementary School along with Queen Elizabeth Middle School and Port credit Secondary School.

Port Credit family of schools is one of the best school districts in Mississauga. Kenollie is one of the top elementary schools and Port Credit Secondary is one of the best high schools. 

Public Transportation

MiWay along with several public transit routes are linked throughout the area. Public transport is usually a second option since everything you could possibly need is usually in close proximity and within walking distance.


The west side of Mineola is primarily known for its lush forests and greenery although parks and play areas can be found throughout such as Mary Fix Park, Kenollie Park, Spruce Park, Aque Lyndwood Park and Dellwood Park. In addition, Kenollie Creek can be found near Kenollie Elementary School and flows from the north end of Mineola all the way down to Port Credit. Similarly, Cooksville Creek on the opposite end of Mineola flows from Lochlin Green and eventually trickles into Lake Ontario.


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