High-Definition (HD) Professional Photography


Since 90% of all Buyers today find their home online, it is imperative that your home stands out. That is why The Regan Team only sources professionals in the photography/videography industry. We take a catalogue of photos ensuring we capture your home in its best light.

4K Video


  • 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  • 100 million hours of video are watched on facebook each day.


What the real estate industry doesn’t want you to know is, almost 65% of viewers stop watching before the 2 minutes mark. The Regan Team partners with top media companies that specialize in real estate properties. From a star-studded portfolio of celebrity homes right down to your home, The Regan Team understands the investment that must be made to sell your home for top dollar.

In the Clouds Aerial Photography


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could fly? Let us take you above the clouds and showcase your home and property like never before. Maximizing the equity in your home means showcasing the area influences that make your home special.


  • Proximity to the lake, walking trails, shops, restaurants, public transit and of course, your home.
  • Aerial photos and video make your home stand out.
  • They draw attention and ultimately aid in a speedy sale.

Custom Designed Digital Brochure


If selling your home in a timely manner is important to you, than you’ll love our Custom Designed Digital Brochures.


  • HD photos showcasing the best qualities of your home and property.
  • Custom Floor plans
  • School districts, and unique features are outlined to give prospective buyers ease of mind when purchasing your home.


And because the Regan Team takes an active approach to getting your home sold, Digital Brochures can be sent at the click of a button to our Buyer Database and Realtor Database.

Print Advertising


Less than 1% of Buyers today find their home through printed media*. The real estate industry has long used print advertising to sell themselves. However we think advertising should sell your house. Our properties are strategically featured in over 860,000 magazine copies a year in 6 different cities ensuring your home gets the exposure it deserves.


*According NAR (North American Realtor Association)

Brand Awareness


The Regan Team was founded in 1946 when Michael Regan began his real estate career. It was built by putting his clients needs before his own. Today, that idea is at the forefront of The Regan Teams core business. Ranked 9th in Canada out of 18,000 agents for Royal LePage and with over 200 years of combined local market experience, the team’s reputation of fair dealings and results orientated approach is what sets them apart and gives their clients confidence throughout the home buying and selling process.

Open Houses Done Right

In Advance

  • Pin Drop Boosted Facebook Ads
  • Strategically, geographically, and demographically target buyers
  • Website ads
  • ISA outbound calls to prospective Buyers and Realtors to notify them of Open House

Day Of

  • Upwards of 24 open house signs placed in the community and at busy intersections* (*dependent on area city restrictions)
  • All guests are asked to sign in on our digital open house software
  • Door is locked and sign is placed out front if open house is too busy
  • The Regan Team has a list of your open house at all sites directing prospective buyers to your home.


Follow Up

  • Follow up with agents to see who has a prospective buyer for your home
  • Feedback to our clients

Website and Online Presence


Upwards of 90% of buyers originally find their home online.* So why do so many Realtors fail to do anything about this? Because it costs money and it takes time. RoyalLePage.ca, ReganTeam.ca, Realtor.ca, Globe & Mail, New York Times, The Robb Report and DuPont Registry are but a few sites your home will be featured on with us.


These sites alone add up to more than 115,000 Buyer leads each year. We have a saying on our team, “speed to lead.” This keeps us grounded and disciplined. Every buyer lead that is generated through our online efforts is pre-qualified ensuring that your home is the right match. This saves you time and allows us to position your home for the best sale price possible.


*According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Pin Drop Boosted Facebook Ads


The proper way to market a home is by investing in the process. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook understands this. He is a billionaire in part because we invest money to drive buyer traffic to your home. Through our Pin Drop ads program, we can strategically, geographically, and demographically target buyers. “Boosted” means paid for. Simply putting your home on Facebook and calling it an ad probably won’t cut it. The Regan Team invests because we understand the way to a successful sale is to ensure your home is being target marketed.


Social media algorithms are complicated but necessary to drive buyer traffic to your home. That’s why we employ professional marketers who work with us to strategically, geographically, and demographically target buyers. Through our Pin Drop ads program, we invest dollars in this process because we understand the way to a successful sale is to ensure your home is being target marketed.