Lisa Tulipano

Sales Partner*

About Lisa


Lisa was born and raised in Toronto-Etobicoke before moving to Mississauga at the early age of 4. She attended St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School in the Erin Mills community, achieving honours recognition in business and entrepreneurial studies, and recognition for successful completion of French as a second language. Lisa went on to York University to pursue her Bachelor of Business Administration & Management degree. Some of her highest course achievements were in: economics & marketing. Having worked in customer service and client retention through her studies, and in a full-time marketing communications role for several years thereafter, Lisa quickly began to demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, organization and time-management; likewise, she developed a passion for marketing with the development of new consumer-facing brands and the management of those brand reputations. Lisa strongly recognizes the importance of standing out amongst the crowd and she associates her success with apositive reputation that is built through strong client relationships. After spending some time investing in her own personal property and through her administrative role at The Regan Team,  it was only a naturalprogression for Lisa to aspire to pursuing a career in real estate sales.


Lisa is an extremely hard-working and dedicated individual; driven by the best results and always looking for another good challenge.

To contact Lisa directly, please call 905-916-9400 or email

Five Questions


What is your favourite time of day?
My favourite time of day is first thing in the morning. That is when I get everything I planned to do that day done! The rest of my day is spent getting ahead or time for myself.


Mountains or Beach?
I could go either way! I love being outdoors, staying active and exploring different sceneries. BUT, the beach is one of my favourite places to just relax and enjoy the moment.


Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?
The glass is always half full.


What is your perfect pizza?
My perfect pizza would be half savoury (extra cheese!) and half sweet (nutella, pecans).


What brings you the greatest joy?
Making a difference in someone else’s day.