He provided advice at every turn, but listened to us and our needs.

He provided advice at every turn, but listened to us and our needs.

When I did an internet search back in 2011, looking for an agent to help me find a suitable apartment rental, I was unaware just how impactful it would be this many years later.  While this may sound hyperbolic, your approach and attention to detail for that modest transaction was the reason for returning to you, without hesitation, for our recent move, some 10 years later.  My first experience with you spanned a total of about 48 hours, but in that period, you listened, researched, arranged, and negotiated on my behalf to a successful conclusion.

As you may remember, I called on a Wednesday afternoon, after work.  I had a very specific list of requirements and expectations, including a location triangle bounded by three specific buildings.  As a weekly commuter, based in London, working in downtown Toronto, I needed to be close to my office, transit and services.  I also had a list of necessary and optional features that would need to be within my budget.

You had a list of choices later that evening and arranged a number of viewings for the next afternoon.  All fit my specifications.  It struck me at the time, that you had heard and accounted for everything I had said.  You had also understood the sense of what I wanted, which can be even more important than the simple basics.

These included one apartment that had just been listed, and which became my final choice.  Although the selected unit was listed above my limit, you were able to negotiate the price to be acceptable for both the vendor and me.  It had an “it” factor, and was our Toronto home for three years as we waited for a pre-construction purchase to be completed.

Last fall, again on a Wednesday evening, I happened across a new listing that we decided could be the right thing for us.  Based on my previous experience with you, which I had obviously recounted at length, George immediately suggested I call you in the morning.  I did, and was pleasantly surprised that you not only remembered me, but also details about us. It had been ten years, after all.

By that afternoon, you had arranged for me to see the unit, and had all the information we would need for our decision, including insights about the vendor’s situation and expectations.  We decided that evening to proceed with an offer, slept on it (or rather, didn’t), and told you the next morning.

You were most helpful with the negotiation, working with the other agent, and reading between the lines, to ensure that our pre-emptive offer was good.  Though it seemed like a long wait at the time, the less than seven hours from our call to you to proceed, and our call from you that we had succeeded, was a bit of a miracle.  It was again clear that you had both listened to what we said, but also discerned our priorities.

This threw into high gear the next phase, which was to sell our own unit.  Your help with the cleaning, photographing, videotaping, and advice though this period was invaluable.  While we didn’t have any professional staging, the simple tips you provided, about removals or reductions, touch ups, and things that would have an impact on a buyer’s first impression, were very helpful.  Listing in November is not ever ideal, and this year had its additional pandemic-related issues, but the marketing and presentations you did still brought more than 20 showings over the five-week period.

When we first discussed the purchase and sale, I had given you an indication of the spread we required in order to make this downsize move worthwhile.  We were always aware that you kept these needs in mind, and did everything you could to maximize it.  This included testing a higher list price, though this tack was undercut by a comparable listing five floors lower, with a lowball price and short bidding period.

You provided advice at every turn, but listened to us and our needs.  Our decision to lower the price brought us back to our target net gain.  When we received competing offers on the same day, once again, you went into high gear, negotiating with both other agents, and keeping us apprised at all times.  We ended up with our initial target price, appropriately higher than the ‘quick sale’ comparable.

If this were not enough, your after-market and complementary activity support has also exceeded our expectations.  The referrals of Feld Kalia Professional Corporation (lawyers), Birdhouse Media (videography), and Black Feather (cleaning), have all been exceptional. We are ready to recommend and use them all again.

The thoughtfulness of the gifts, especially the dinner at David’s Bistro, and “welcome gift basket” also speak to the attention you have given in listening to us.  Both you and Paula have been highly responsive at every turn.  As you know, we have already recommended you to our friends.

It has been great to reconnect and we are happy that the seed that was planted on Elizabeth Street has blossomed into this new home in Festival Tower.  Thank you for all that you have done to help us get here.

Jeff, this is but a snapshot of our experience working with you as an agent. Please feel free to share all or part of it as you see fit, and to refer any prospective clients to us for additional details or information.


Rick & George