Clarkson: A Hidden Gem Classic of Real Estate Market

Clarkson: A Hidden Gem Classic of Real Estate Market

Step into the welcoming neighbourhood of Clarkson, South Mississauga, where community charm meets modern living. Whether you are a local seeking a deeper connection with your community or an outsider curious about the unique appeal of Clarkson, join us on this journey through the streets of warmth, and the distinct allure of Clarkson living.

Clarkson housing market has a rich background, to become the desirable neighbourhood it is today. Its friendly ambiance is drawing more and more young families, as they seek a suburban neighbourhood with a touch of charm.

Brief History of Clarkson

While it may have had a rough reputation in the past, particularly in the Park Royal area, Clarkson has transformed into a safe and inviting community. Significant transformation and growth have marked Clarkson’s real estate history.

Over the years, the neighbourhood in Mississauga’s Peel Region has evolved into a sought-after real estate gem. As the community expanded, it attracted a mix of affordable and luxury properties, creating a balanced housing market.

The area’s development has made it an attractive destination for homebuyers, offering a diverse range of housing options. Clarkson’s history reflects its journey from a developing area to a thriving neighbourhood with a mix of properties, making it an appealing choice for those seeking homes in a suburban setting.


Housing landscape

Detached houses take center-stage in Clarkson real estate, accounting for 46% of sales. These small detached homes, ranging from the 1950s to the 1970s, offer modest sizes and unique designs. With well-established trees and various home styles lining the streets, each corner exudes a distinct neighbourhood charm.

Semi-detached houses claim another 25% of sales, providing an attractive option for those looking for a more attached home style in the Clarkson housing market. Condos in this region of South Mississauga, constitutes an additional 25% of sales, catering to those seeking a more convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle.

Real Estate in Clarkson

In December 2023, the median list price for homes in Clarkson showed an overall increase, reaching $1,148,023 compared to $1,068,848 in November 2023, indicating a 7.41% month-over-month uptrend.

However, when we break down the numbers, single-family homes in Clarkson had a median list price of $1,827,452 in December, down by 2.6% from $1,876,167 in November.

Condos followed suit with a median list price of $709,371 in December, showing a 6.43% decrease from $758,090 in November. Similarly, townhomes in Clarkson had a median list price of $1,061,268 in December, reflecting a 7.12% month-over-month decrease from $1,142,600 in November.

Perks of the waterfront Home Market

Living in Clarkson comes with its own set of perks and advantages. The neighbourhood, known for its safety, offers a peace of mind for families and individuals alike.

With an increasing number of young families choosing to settle here, Clarkson housing market creates an opportunity for socializing and building long-lasting connections with neighbours.

Additionally, the neighbourhood’s strategic location provides an easy access to amenities, schools, parks, and entertaining facilities, fulfilling the desires of sub-urbanites seeking a typical suburban lifestyle.

A real estate Gem

Clarkson, located in Mississauga’s Peel Region, is a sought-after real estate spot offering a mix of affordable and luxury homes. The neighbourhood has a rich history of development and provides diverse housing options, making it appealing to both families and individuals. With a safe environment and a growing community, Clarkson housing market is an ideal choice for those seeking a suburban lifestyle.

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