• Posted Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017 4:55 pm

You certainly stand out from the crowd.

What a delightful surprise, to see you today.  It was our pleasure to work with both of you (Matthew and Mary-Anne) on the sale of our condo. The professional service and excellent service were amazing. It is evident in meeting and working with you both to see why you are so successful.

You certainly stand out from the crowd.  We are happy we chose you to sell our condo and would not hesitate to call you again, and to recommend you to our friends and relatives.

Wishing you both a wonderful summer, happy selling.

-Peter and June

  • Posted Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 9:44 am

Your integrity, professionalism, responsiveness and positive attitude...

Dear Matthew, Jackie, Michelle,

Michelle just came by and dropped off a gift for us. It was a very thoughtful touch from you to celebrate this new phase in our lives. Thank you!

You were all an absolute pleasure to work with on the purchase and sale of the homes, helping us navigate an evolving and unpredictable market. Your integrity, professionalism, responsiveness and positive attitude did not go unnoticed.

Our thanks to you once again for supporting us through the process. 

- Ryan and Leanna

  • Posted Friday, Apr 28, 2017 1:05 pm

We are with you ever step of the way!

Hi Matthew,

Farah and Dakota here.
We just wanted to say Thanks to you and your team! And Thank you for sending us to Anthony.

We must say - Anthony is AMAZING. He is energetic and positive and we honestly can't believe how quickly we found our new home. 

He arranged everything and knew the area really well. We saw quite a few homes in a short period of time because he's that good - very organized and professional. He was never afraid to say "Do not buy this house because ..." and he was really honest about whether he saw us living in that home and it working for us based on what we said we wanted. 

He's very knowledgeable and pointed out things like "this house has a lot of stairs - think about bringing in groceries and a baby and ...". Anthony really opened our eyes and made us set our sights high. It was a quick and amazing experience and we just wanted you to know he was incredible. We had a great time. 

You have a great team! And again, Thank you so much - we will definitely be recommending the Regan Team to our friends and family. 

Warm regards,
Farah and Dakota

  • Posted Thursday, Feb 23, 2017 3:15 pm

And we sold our house after only 3 days on the market.

After 4 decades in the same neighbourhood and 3 decades in our Lorne Park home, we were considering downsizing but couldn't decide quite when or where. We met with Matthew Regan and Allison Addison to create a game plan. Together, we generated a list of desirable features in the next house and also established what needed to be done (or not done) in our existing house. Their involvement was invaluable. Within a couple of weeks, we purchased our new house with Allison's excellent help. And we sold our house after only 3 days on the market.

We were completely satisfied with the service provided by the Regan Team and in particular, Allison Addison. We highly recommend the Regan Team to anyone thinking of selling or buying.

- Kathy and Allan

  • Posted Wednesday, Feb 08, 2017 2:30 pm

We are thrilled to have sold our house for as much as we did!

Kelly - just wanted to thank you again for everything you did on the sale of our home. Everything you recommended/suggested worked out exactly as planned. We were skeptical of listing as low as we did - but it worked exactly as you suggested it would - creating a huge buzz and demand. Postponing our offer date by another day worked to our advantage as well - as you had thought it would. We are thrilled to have sold our house for as much as we did! $350K or 30% over the asking price - insane! Thank you!

- Sylvia and Jamie

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