Qualified: Allison offers 20 years of knowledge, credibility and industry experience. Allison provides her clients with invaluable guidance, empowering them to make informed decisions and proceed with confidence when it's time to negotiate the Offer. Disciplined: Having attended Clemson University on a swimming scholarship, Allison understands the importance of dedication, hard work and time management. Allison brings this strong work ethic to each and every client transaction. Client oriented: Allison believes in a "hands on" style of service, staying in constant communication with her clients during the sale process and ensuring that their best interests are always her top priority. Allison draws on her expertise in Offer negotiations to help her clients realize their dreams. Enthusiastic: Allison's energy and infectious sense of humour make her easily approachable and providing her clients with a successful and positive experience has earned Allison many long-lasting repeat clients and referrals.

To contact Allison directly, please call 905-460-6246 or email Allison@ReganTeam.ca

Five Questions

What is the best...

You've been given?
Being told I was 'the kind of girl you could steal horses with'. Not sure, but I chose to see it as a compliment!

What is your perfect pizza?
Anything with extra sauce and hot peppers!

Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?
I wish I could say Wonder Woman or Jessica Rabbit... but sadly it's neither

What is your favourite time of day?
I love mornings... bright, sunny mornings!


Certified Negotiation Expert